Hi There my name is Adam and thanks for visiting my website.  I have worked in Internet marketing since 2002 and have seen allot of changes over the years.  I became a freelancer so that I could offer a more personal service with added value.  Working from home keeps my costs low and my value high.  As well as web design I am a keen movie/documentary maker and photographer.

I consider myself to be multi skilled and I understand the advantage of having a single person deal with multiple aspects of a whole project.

The first questions I ask potential customers are related to the long term goals.  Anybody can create a website but I am knowledgeable enough envisage the customers goals and add value with suggestions that may have been overlooked or not considered because the customer did not know what was possible.

My pricing structure is based on my time and not my overheads meaning customers will find that there budget will stretch further than they may have imagined.

I will only take on projects that I feel I can add value, archive goals and achieve a positive end result.  If my work does not put more money into your pocket than it takes out then I will not take the project on.

My core values are honesty, integrity and transparency.

Disclaimer - Facial hair is subject to change without notice.