About Me

Hi! My name is Adam McLoughlin and I have been working in this industry since 2002.  I started in Internet marketing, moved into design and development and in recent years have moved into video and photography.  I have invested thousands of hours in training and development so that I can offer a uniquely personal service.  

I have worked with different companies and developers over the years but choose to remain a freelance as I will not compromise on service.  As a freelancer with low overheads I remain competitive and am able to keep my clients ahead of the curve.   


I create Wordpress Driven Websites that are custom built to your specifications. All of my website are responsive meaning they work well on tablets and phones.

I provide secure e-commerce websites and more advanced solutions at affordable prices


My history with search engine marketing or SEO (search engine optimisation) ensures that projects I work on generate revenue for my customers. My extensive portfolio has given me a wealth of experience and I continue to work with customers to move businesses forward. I take pride in knowing my efforts and experience have helped a business or brand to grow.

Photo / Video

Engaging video and good quality photography is the best way to grab the attention of your customers. I could see video would play a huge role in future projects so invested heavily in equipment and lenses. This is the latest service I offer and the results so far have been incredible.