Why it is important to let our children express their emotions!   Do you find yourself ever distracting your child from expressing their feelings? It is a common mistake that so many teachers and parents make, whether it is to save embarrassment, or because you don’t have the time or you’re feeling stressed and upset yourself. The easy option seems to be to reward, punish, or bribe them and yet if you spend little extra time, meltdowns can be nipped in the bud, and your child will feel valued and heard and safe and secure. I remember being at nursery and I was crying and was told that If I stopped crying, I could have a biscuit and that I was upsetting the other children. IT IS OKAY AND IMPORTANT FOR OUR CHILDREN TO EXPRESS HOW THEY FEEL WHETHER IT IS AN INCONVENIENCE TO YOU OR NOT! Feelings need to be acknowledged for our children to feel valued, heard, important, that they matter and it will give them the courage to speak how they feel in later life rather than pushing their feelings down. This will help them to grow in confidence and self-esteem. It doesn’t mean that they are turning into a “softy” and that they need to toughen up. If anything, there resilience and mindset will grow. So, how can you support your child without telling them to stop crying? View Article¬†]]>