Libby has been awesome in her work for us here at Twinkl. She has provided numerous Live Stream sessions on meditation techniques, sleep and well being for the teachers and gives fantastic follow up support to our members. Her calm and professional manner is perfect for her presentations, instilling confidence in her audience. We look forward to working with her again soon.

– Kate Stafford from Twinkle, teachers resources.

Many teachers say that they feel frustrated that they can’t do the job that they want to do as so many other factors now get in the way and that they are burning out!

Is this how you feel?

Do you feel:

  • Run down and drained of physical or emotional energy
  • Under an unpleasant amount  of pressure to succeed
  • You can’t switch off
  • Your sleep patterns are disturbed
  • Your immune system is low

The pressures in your job may be:

  • Difficult student behaviour
  • teaching pupils who lack motivation
  • maintaining discipline
  • Constantly trying to respond to students needs while simultaneously meeting various demands of the organisation

Which can:

  • Undermine your self worth, reduce the sense of accomplishment and uses up your emotional resources.

While a part of your role is a critical one in nurturing children’s wellbeing, it is time to start nurturing your wellbeing!


Libby has a different approach to the counselling that is provided in schools these days, and has excellent results!


We offer:

Inset training days and 1-1 coaching that will provide you with the tools that will:

• help reduce stress
• provide time management skills
• enable you to communicate effectively within the team and to the children/young people


We will show you how:
• different words get a more effective response rather than responding on your 1st reaction    helping you to separate from the emotions of conflict which will :

• enable you to free yourself up and give you the choices and space for how you respond by helping you to
• manage your own emotions

And much more.

Purely and simply Mindfulness

How to manage stress and anxiety, in yourself and others by adopting a Mindful approach. Mindfulness is a modern concept, which describes the adoption of a new and more helpful mind-set, which can alter your outlook and mood and is used as an empowering tool in the self management of anxiety and stress.

Making time for your well being, “Time to be you”

To book Libby to work with you and your school, fill in the contact form or you can:


Call: 07882 333386

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