SEO (search engine optimisation) is a funny old world.  Everyone seems to think they are experts and they portray SEO as a mystical complicated world of wonder.  The fact of the matter is most of the people who contact you about SEO are either based in India and they contact you via spam email or they will call you.  The people who call you are ALWAYS sales people.  I started out in internet marketing back in 2002 and I delved into SEO to add value to some of the services I was selling.  Shortly after I found myself in demand and I set up on my own.  Since then it has become more and more difficult to achieve results but there is always a way.

I work on a performance based rate of pay which means I take a payment for the initial work followed by monthly payments once the results have been achieved.  For more information or a free evaluation please contact me 


All of my websites come with some basic SEO to gain some realistic rankings on Google.  By realistic I mean a logical search term that customers will use to find your services in your local area.  My websites are all created with WordPress so customers can make changes to content and attempt to improve their own SEO.  Some of my customers have achieved good results but they have taken the time to learn the process and set aside time on a monthly basis to make improvements.  This is an advantage if you have the time and the patience but if not then please speak to me and we can work something out.